Our Story

The name Biruki stems from the root word “Barakah” which means “blessing” or “to be blessed” in Arabic. It belongs to a group of Semitic languages that have been used throughout the history of the UAE and GCC. Founded in 2021 in Dubai, BIRUKI was the first independent footwear label with a nonconformist approach to design and a limited release concept. Produced in small batches, Biruki’s first drop is crafted with 100% cowhide leather and a focus on quality and design. 


We are the first leather shoe brand that has been designed and based in the UAE, a region known for its luxurious lifestyle. We have focused on providing quality to all of GCC through our meticulously crafted shoes and sustainable cotton active streetwear. The luxury industry is growing at an exponential rate with new designers entering markets around the world every day. With such rapidly expanding consumers choosing their own styles, we believe it’s important to provide our customers in the GCC and around the world access to premium fashion without compromising design or quality standards. 


Our unique production methods enable us to control and minimize our impact on the environment, leaving us free to experiment with design without sacrificing the quality promised as a premium everyday luxury essential brand. Biruki collections are not sold through traditional sales channels and distributors. We sell directly to our customers, empowering and interacting with our community to maintain the standard set by our brand which is not just the product itself, but the complete buying experience. 


At Biruki, we pride ourselves in providing a seamless buying experience. You can be assured that your package will be delivered to you for free and without any hassle. And if aren’t satisfied with a purchase made on our site, we allow for returns and exchanges. For more information regarding deliveries, you can click here. 


BIRUKI was once a simple dream to be an independent footwear label with a nonconformist approach to design and a limited release concept to help our community feel luxurious every step of the day. Our mission is to provide luxurious essentials to people by giving access to premium fashion without compromising design or quality standards. Our community should feel confident, luxurious and comfortable whilst taking every step through out their day. 


Our vision is to represent the fast-paced, luxury-focused fashion culture of the UAE, with constant innovation and design-focused production for everyone. This is just the start of our everyday luxury essential journey together and we hope to be with you every step of the way.

Our Boutique

Visit our store at Al Maskan Building - Al Karama, Dubai, UAE.

  • Monday-Thursday: 10AM till 10PM
  • Friday: 02PM till 11PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: 10AM till 11PM

Our First Collection

Biruki’s first leather shoes collection has 6 designs. Each design is called by a unique name, meaning that there are no two of the same in existence. Biruki’s first leather shoes collection is a warm and welcoming line that will soothe your soul. The six different designs all have their own unique name and meaning.

All the products names are related to the meaning behind the word Biruki; to take everything as a blessing and manifest positive energy – just like how we do with individual’s names – ultimately giving each step taken with Biruki sneakers meaning and purpose.